After a long, hot, and tropically active summer, fall has finally arrived. Believe it or not, even though cooler weather is finally settling in, the home schedule for LSU is also winding down. So hopefully the weather in the gulf stays quiet, and the Tigers keep winning; but this also means the offseason for your generator is approaching. There are some important steps that need to be taken before your generator assumes its spot in the corner of the garage or a storeroom. Taking the time to do this simple maintenance and preparation can not only ensure it will be ready to go the next time you need, but can also increase the life and performance of your unit. Here are a few easy steps to take before you store your generator.

Remove the fuel from your generator

Any fuel that is left in generator over a long period of time will cause gum deposits to form in the carburetor, fuel tank, and other fuel system parts. These deposits can cause irreparable damage. Running the engine until is empty, and/or syphoning out the remaining gas can prevent these problems, and should be done anytime your generator will not be in use for an extended period of time.

Clean your generator

Not only will this increase the life and appearance of your generator, but it is also a good opportunity to look for leaks and any other damage.

Change your generator’s oil

This is also a good opportunity to change the oil in your generator. This is a good idea after a long season of use; it also ensures that your generator will be fresh and ready to go the next time you use it. Changing the oil immediately after you run the engine to drain the fuel is a convenient time to knock out this next task. The oil will easily drain from the crankcase as it will be warm. Then simply refill with the oil recommended in your owner’s manual.

Take your generator in for a tune-up

Finally this is a good time of the year to bring your generator in for a tune-up. Having it serviced by expert technicians will increase the life and performance of your generator. Having an experienced set of eyes check the ins and outs of your generator can ensure that no hidden problems go unsolved, and can ensure that the next time you need your generator you are getting the most out of it.

If you have any questions about your Honda generator, or simply need service, the experts at Bozeman Distributors have been Baton Rouge’s premier source for over 45 years.