We all have preferences when it comes to the things we buy. Whether it’s a pair of jeans that fit perfectly, your favorite ice cream, or the latest phone; once we find something we like, we tend to stick with it. Brand loyalty can originate from a variety of factors. It can simply be that’s what your parents used, so you do, or the old adage of “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”, but at the end of the day whatever product or service you use, whatever brand it may be, you believe it to be the best, and that’s what matters. The same is true when it comes to generators.
In south Louisiana there are countless uses for a generator. They provide standby electricity during storms, power at a camp, and the creature comforts of home during tailgate season. While there are a number of different types, brands, shapes, and sizes of generators, Honda inverter generators offer a wide range of benefits.

Honda Generator Benefits

• High Quality Power Output: Honda’s inverter technology replicates “line power” better than any other generator design. Smooth, consistent power without fluctuations is best for both the generator and the equipment being used.

• High Fuel Efficiency: Eco-Throttle and Auto Throttle are both features that allow for high fuel efficiency. The engine speed is adjusted automatically to provide the appropriate amount of power when it’s needed, and not when it isn’t. Not only does this increase fuel efficiency, it reduces noise, and decreases wear and tear.

• Smaller, Lighter Size: The design of Honda’s inverter generators integrates parts from the engine and the generator. This allows for smaller and lighter sizes.

• Quiet Operation: Honda generators are equipped with special sound dampening materials and Honda’s signature quiet engines. These 4-stroke engines designed are equipped with features like Eco-Throttle to provide powerful, quiet, electricity generation.

• Easy to Start: The reliable 4-stroke engine is very easy to start. Honda also offers models that have electric start capabilities.

• Parallel Capability: Honda allows for generators to be paired with another identically sized model in order to double power capacity. This means that two smaller, lighter generators can do the work of a much larger one, all without sacrificing portability.

• Reliability & Durability: Honda’s reputation for quality and craftsmanship isn’t lost on their generators. Extensive testing and high quality materials ensure that these generators offer dependable power year after year.

When it comes to generators, having an easily portable, reliable, powerful, and quiet option can make all of the difference in the world. Whether you keep one for emergencies during hurricane season, or bring it out to the camp, or set it up each weekend at the tailgate, Honda has the model for you. Bozeman Distributors sells and services Honda generators. You can even shop online with the local experts.