Throughout the winter, we have the luxury of not having to do much to maintain our lawns, as our flower beds, gardens and our grass go dormant. However, spring is finally here and for South Louisiana, that means it is time to get our yards back in shape.

Your mower has probably sat in your garage and may require a little TLC before hitting the lawn for frequent use during these warmer months. Your lawnmower is an investment so proper care before it’s use is the best way to ensure that it runs smoothly all summer long.

Give Your Lawnmower a Tune-up

Sparkplugs need to be changed out each year. Replacement of the old sparkplug is the first step to performing any maintenance on your mower. Once removed, you can take a few additional steps to complete the annual maintenance process. Cleaning or changing the air filter is also recommended. You should also lubricate any moving parts, such as wheel bearings to keep running smoothly. Complete these steps before replacing the old sparkplug with a new one.

Change the Oil and Give Your Lawnmower Fresh Gasoline

Remove the oil cap from the bottom of the engine and drain the oil into a pan. Once it is empty, use the type and quantity of oil recommended in your owner’s manual to replace it. Fill the mower with fresh gasoline as well.

Sharpen the Blades of Your Lawnmower

When blades become dull, they do not actually “cut” the grass but use blunt force that causes the blades to split. This will give your lawn a brown color. To avoid this eyesore, remove the blade and use a sharpening block to fine out the blades. If you notice chips and cracks in the blades from hitting rocks and sticks, it may be time to purchase a new blade.

Wash Your Lawnmower

With the blades off and the sparkplugs removed, give your mower a good head-to-toe cleaning. Use a high-pressure hose to remove any dust, webs, or dirt that may have accumulated. If there is caked-on grass and dirt, you can use a putty knife to scrape off anything the hose fails to remove. Use a rag to remove any excess oil from the oil change or lubrication.

Completing Your Mower Maintenance

Once your mower is clean and ready to go, install your new sparkplug and your new or sharpened blades. Performing this annual maintenance is the best way to add life and performance to your mower. If you are not comfortable performing this maintenance on your own or notice anything that seems to be out of the ordinary, the lawn equipment professionals at Bozeman Distributors will be happy to assist you in performing this job. We also carry a large inventory of Honda lawn equipment for anyone looking to replace that old mower.