The sun is out longer. The temperatures are getting warmer. It’s the time of the year where your lawn and your garden may be due for a little extra attention. Whether you are freshening up for spring, bringing your flower bed back to life, or doing a landscaping overhaul, a Honda tiller can make it a much easier job with the results you’re looking for.

The Honda FG110 is equipped with the GX25 4-stroke engine. This is one of the lightest and quietest engines available on the market, making for easier, more comfortable operation. In spite of its size, the GX25 offers the same power and durability you’ve come to expect from Honda. Here is what else sets Honda’s line of tillers apart.

Easy Starting

The FG110 offers the same simple starting that Honda is known for.

Quiet Operation

Honda’s 4-stroke engine offers quiet operation. Unlike the harsh, raspy noise of 2-stroke engines, Honda’s FG110 operates quietly and comfortably.

Low Vibration

Staying with comfort, the 4-stroke GX25 engine limits the vibration you’ll experience while tilling.

Fuel Efficient

Lower operating costs come from the fuel efficient 4-stroke engine. This tiller runs longer and more effectively on a single tank.

No Exhaust Odor

The FG110 is virtually exhaust free. With little smoke and emissions, you can use your tiller without fear of harmful or unpleasant fumes.

Superior Performance

Honda’s FG110 tiller provides ample power to handle almost any job, under even the toughest conditions. With a perfectly balanced engine, you can enjoy efficient, quiet, comfortable, and superior performance.

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