A well-maintained lawn is a symbol of pride that offers a great first impression for your home or business. Fresh, green, vibrant colors combined with finely manicured patterns can create a picture-perfect landscape; of course, this is easier with the right tools. One of the tools necessary to put the finishing touches on your lawn is a trimmer. When it comes to trimmers, Honda’s line of trimmers equipped with a 4-stroke engine offers the highest level of performance. The GX25 and GX35 are the quietest and lightest 4-stroke engines on the market, creating a comfortable experience without sacrificing power and durability. Here are some of the advantages you get with a Honda trimmer.

• Regular Unleaded Gasoline – No more mixing gas and oil to fuel your trimmer. You no longer have to worry about improperly mixing your fuel, and in turn save time, money, headaches when compared to a traditional 2-stroke engine.

• Easy to Start – Honda’s entire line of engines are known for their easy starting. These trimmers are no different.

• Fuel Efficiency – Honda’s 4-stroke engines offer superior fuel efficiency compared to 2-stroke options. This means less time refueling and more money in your pocket. • Less Pollution – Gone are the days of heavy, poor smelling exhaust. These trimmers are virtually smokeless and produce minimal emissions.

• Minimal Vibration – The smooth operation of Honda’s trimmers combined with highly engineered materials make for easy, comfortable use.

• Flexibility – Those hard to reach, difficult to trim areas under trees, bushes, and around structures are no longer a problem. Honda trimmers can operate in any position, even upside down; creating unprecedented flexibility.

• Improved Performance – The 4-stroke engines on Honda’s trimmers create more power than ever before. With strong low-end torque, many jobs can be done with partial throttle. They also come with Honda’s legendary durability and reliability. If you’re in the market for a trimmer, the experts at Bozeman Distributors in Baton Rouge are here to help.