Bozeman now offers Winco Generators which are Tri-Fuel Generators that run on Gasoline, Liquid Propane (LP) and Natural Gas (NG). They also have Diesel Powered Generators.

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This unit was built with versatility in mind. It is the only Tri-Fuel capable, Honda-powered generator on the market that DOES NOT void the engine warranty. It’s constructed with the same engine and generator end we use on our Industrial WL12000HE. This is built to work, protect, or even to play.



This W6010DE represents a new chapter for WINCO design. We utilized new manufacturing processes to create our most affordable, most serviceable, and most reliable air-cooled diesel ever. This unit is appropriate all the way from home use, to job sites, to emergency response vehicles.



The WL12000HE/L doesn’t represent very complex thinking from our side. We just said, let’s put the best components we can think of and make a generator that just… works.