Winter means doing a few things a little differently. Even in south Louisiana where the cold months are brief, taking certain actions now can save you a lot of time, money, and headaches when spring rolls around. Even when the thermostat resembles July more than January, it is your calendar (and the climate) that will dictate how you should maintain your generator.

Aside from the occasional cold snap, winter in Baton Rouge also means no more tailgating. This time of the year also sees hurricane season come to a close and generally calmer weather. According to a survey by GE, these are the top 2 reasons people purchase generators: To prevent power loss during storms, and to enhance outdoor events. With both of these being less frequent, it may be time to store your generator away for the season, but before you do, follow these important maintenance tips to ensure your generator is ready when you need it next.

Empty All of Your Generator’s Fuel

When fuel sits in your generator for a long period of time it can damage your generator and prevent it from starting. Stale fuel will create varnish and gum buildups. It is important to drain the fuel from the tank and the carburetor before storing your generator for the winter.

Store Fuel and Cords in a Safe Place

It is still important to have fuel on hand just in case you find yourself in a situation where you need your generator. Inspect the cords that you’ve been using to make sure they are still safe, and keep them in a convenient place.

Check and Change the Generator’s Oil before Starting

While old oil isn’t as bad for your generator as old gasoline, it can still create problems. Whether you change the oil after tailgate season, or before spring rolls around, be sure you have oil and filters. You should also check your fluid levels after your generator has sat for a prolonged period of time.

Give Your Generator a Test Run

Once a month or so start your generator and let it run. This keeps fluid running through the system and can also alert you to any problems. This way when you need your generator for a power outage, or tailgating at the Box, you won’t have any surprises. **

These are only a few, fairly simple steps, but can they can make all of the difference in the world when it comes to keeping your generator maintained. If you have any questions, or find yourself with a problem the next time you start your generator, call the experts at Bozeman Distributors, or shop for a new, quiet, clean power Honda generator.