There are a number of reasons buy a product. There are a number of variables that can make one brand more desirable over another. These reasons and variables are what spur on competition and fuel improvement in both products and services. Take TVs for example. 40 years ago they were dull, clunky pieces of furniture, today they are sleek, energy efficient brilliant displays. Lawn mowers have followed the same path. Gone are the days of the unreliable, inefficient, and loud lawn mower. Design and technology has continued to evolve and that’s not more apparent than in Honda’s line of lawn mowers.

Listed below are a few reasons to choose a Honda lawn mower.

Simple features that make mowing easier

The advanced starting technology featured on every Honda mower reduces the amount of time and effort it takes to start the engine. These mowers also feature an auto choke system. Simply pull the cord to start, there is never a need to choke the engine or adjust the throttle. Across each line (VYA, HXA, HZA, HRX, VKA, HRR, VLA) the advanced design of Honda’s engines provide ample power for any job. Honda’s twin blades offer a superior cut and cut grass into small pieces which means better mulching.

Adaptable features that make mowing more comfortable

Honda’s mowers use a hydrostatic transmission for cruise control, offering easy and intuitive control of your mower’s speed. The speed can easily be adjusted by simply rotating a dial. Honda’s grass bags are balanced to make for an easy and comfortable removal. Without any latches or buttons to push, and a wide mouth, collecting grass clippings has never been easier. Each Honda mower is equipped with ball-bearing supported wheels offering better maneuverability, a smoother ride, and more durability. Also, the handlebars on Honda lawn mowers are designed with user comfort in mind. All controls are easily accessible and the handle bar can be held and controlled from multiple positions.

Time saving features that make mowing more efficient

The Versamow technology featured on HRX models allows you to mulch, bag, discharge, or shred leaves without cumbersome tools or attachments. Honda mowers are also equipped with the Roto-Stop Blade Stop System. This feature allows you to stop the blades without stopping the engine. This means when you empty the bag or move debris you don’t have to restart the engine. Honda’s bagging technology leverages the twin blade implementation and will hold 30% more clippings, meaning less time spent emptying, and ultimately less time mowing.

While these are only a few reasons to consider Honda for your next lawn mower, these examples of technology and design will only continue to evolve. Just like with other Honda products, quality materials and superior engineering mean you can be confident that your mower will reliably perform each and every time. For any of your Honda power equipment needs, visit the experts at Bozeman Distributors.