While it takes a while for winter, or something close to it, to arrive in south Louisiana, when it does there are few things you can do to make sure your home is not only ready for some volatile weather; but also get a leg up on your spring cleaning for next year. Between bouts of rain, wind, falling leaves, and maybe even some sleet and ice, the exterior of your home or business can take quite a beating, especially after a long, wet summer. Because of these climate changes, this is a great time to pressure wash the surfaces on and around your home or business. Here are a few tips to get your home winter ready.

Exfoliate the Exterior

Take a look around the outside of your building and pay attention to areas with dirt, mold, or other unsightly accumulations. Pressure wash these areas and prevent any further build up.

Clear Your Gutters

After a summer of storms and an autumn of falling leaves, your gutters have likely amassed quite a collection of leaves. Clogged gutters can lead to all sorts of other problems from leaks in your roof to foundation damage. A quick and easy way to let them flow freely again is to use your pressure washer to clear them out.

Address Your Deck and Fence

Wood surfaces like decks and fences can be especially vulnerable to our tropical climate. Take the time to pressure wash them this fall to prevent anymore mold, moss, and other accumulation. They’ll look brand new after a few passes with the pressure washer; and you’ll have a leg up on your spring cleaning.

Prepare Your Pressure Washer for Hibernation

While these are only a few things you can do to finish out the year with some home improvement, it is also important to make sure your pressure washer is ready to go next year too. This is where a little maintenance and preparation can come in handy. For gas model washers be sure to drain the fuel. For electric versions, make sure to flush out the system.

Pressure washing can change the appearance, health, and durability of your surfaces. Whether you need a pressure washer or need yours serviced, the experts at Bozeman Distributors have you covered.