That magical time of the year is almost here. While it will be a while before the leaves start to turn, other changes to the landscape surrounding LSU and Southern will signify that football has arrived. Canopies, flumes of smoke, and the smell of jambalaya and barbeque mean that tailgate season is here. To go along with your carefully scouted spot, trusty grill, and ice chest you’ll also need the ability to power all of the creature comforts that make an all-day tailgate party all the more enjoyable.

How Much Power Do You Need from Your Generator?

Selecting a generator with adequate power is essential. The size of your tailgate party and the different devices you’ll be using at any given time will help determine the generator that will meet your needs. It is also important to consider that some appliances require additional power to start, so be sure to account for starting wattage as well as running wattage. Here are few common items and the amount of power they need.

  • Flat Screen TV 120 watts
  • Satellite Receiver 250 watts
  • Radio 200 watts
  • Blender 850 watts
  • Slow Cooker (Crock Pot) 270 watts
  • Coffee Maker 600 watts
  • Fan 120 watts
  • Electric Grill / Griddle 1650 watts

How Can You Keep the Noise Level Down?

Whether you’re enjoying a conversation or catching up on the latest scores from around college football, the last thing you want to hear all day is the loud roar of a generator. Honda generators eliminate this problem without compromising performance. One key feature is Honda’s Eco-Throttle allowing the generator to not constantly run at full speed. These generators are also made with special materials designed to dampen sound. Honda generators can be as quiet as fewer than 50 decibels; for reference, normal speaking volume is 60 decibels.

How Long Will a Generator Run Before it Needs Fuel?

Now that we know what size is best for you, and you have quiet, comfortable options, how can you select a fuel efficient generator? No one wants to keep gas cans lying around the tailgate, stopping every so often to refuel. Of course the efficiency of your generator will depend on the load that it is supporting. Using 100% non-ethanol fuel will prevent moisture from being attracted, preventing problems from leaving fuel in your generator in between uses. This type of fuel is also more powerful and provides better engine performance. Fuel efficiency is another advantage of Honda’s inverter generators. With Eco-Throttle the generator creates enough power only for what is being used, reducing fuel consumption by up to 40%. You can also include an extended run fuel system, allowing your generator to run much longer between fueling. Bozeman Distributors carries BERGS extended run fuel systems that are available for Honda EU1000, EU2000 & EU2000 companion, EU3000 and EU7000 generators.

When it comes to powering your tailgate, nothing handles the job like a Honda generator. With performance, comfort, safety, and efficiency as well as a lightweight design, Honda helps you provide the energy you’ll need all season. For any of your Honda generator needs, trust the experts at Bozeman Distributors.