Honda lawn equipment is sophisticatedly engineered, designed to be efficient and powerful, and built from the highest quality materials. However in spite of their high performance and durability, there is still some simple preventative maintenance that needs to be done from time to time; specifically during the winter when this equipment won’t be used.

The winter months mean that you will mow less frequently, if at all. With the extreme temperature drops this winter, it is likely the latter. The recent freezing temperatures have turned many lawns brown. This is normal winter dormancy caused by the growing points of the grass becoming inactive. As the days become longer as spring approaches these growing points will reactivate and lawns will become green and start to grow again. However, until that happens it means there will be some downtime for your mower, trimmer, and other lawn equipment. To ensure that everything is in fine working order when the temperatures, and grass, begin to rise, here are a few winter maintenance tips for your lawn equipment.

Winter maintenance is a two-pronged approach to protecting your mower and other items. First of all, the long active seasons for this equipment in south Louisiana can really take a toll. Secondly, gas-powered equipment is susceptible to many problems when left idle over a period of time of non-use. Stale fuel, a gummed up carburetor, and other mechanical issues can lead to quite a headache when the time comes to start it up next.

Empty the Gas Tank

Begin by adding fuel stabilizer to the tank, then run the engine to distribute it through the entire fuel system. Then siphon the excess gas into a clean gas can; this fuel can be used in your car if it hasn’t been mixed with oil. Finally, start the engine again and let it run until it stops. This will prevent any carburetor issues come spring. Disconnect the Spark Plug Removing the spark plug will help to prevent the mower from inadvertently starting while you address the other maintenance steps.

Change the Oil

After a long season of mowing, changing the oil can be just the boost that your engine needs.

Remove the Blade Removing the blade allows you to inspect it for any damage, as well as clears the way for not only the oil change, but cleaning the undercarriage. Clean the Under Carriage Cleaning the under carriage not only keeps your garage clean, but will have your mower ready to perform when you need it. Using a putty knife and wire brush you can clear away any caked on grass and mud, clear the discharge chute, and restore the aerodynamics of the mower’s deck, so it works as designed.

Change the Air Filter A hot, dry, dusty summer can wear out an air filter that helps the engine burn fuel efficiently. This is a good opportunity to replace the air filter.

Following these steps should ensure that your mower and other gas-powered lawn equipment are ready when you are. If you are having some issues with your Honda equipment, or it’s simply time to upgrade, see the experts at Bozeman Distributors.