Honda has dedicated years of trial and research into innovating motor designs that are technologically, environmentally, and economically sound. Honda makes motors for an array of products from cars, trucks, racecars, lawn mowers, generators, ATVS, marine engines, motor cycles and more while making sure that customer expectations are not only matched but exceeded. Honda’s reliability, durability, and user-friendliness create a one of a kind customer experience.

Flood and hurricane season are approaching and while Gulf Coast residents shudder to even think of those words, being prepared is the best weapon. Trust the reliability of a Honda pump to be your relief. Every Honda pump uses the legendary four-stroke motor design to ensure easy start-up, little down time, fuel efficient and quiet operation, and a product that simply refuses to give up.

Types of Pumps

• De- Watering Pumps- used for flood control, irrigation, swimming pool drainage, and light construction. The pumps are lightweight and compact and feature a wide variety of pumping capacities, sizes, and characteristics.

• Multi-Purpose Pumps- Designed to pump various chemicals, often have uses in agricultural and industrial chemical drainage as well as clear water applications. Multi-purpose pumps feature EPDM seals for protection against chemical leaks, reinforced thermoplastic pump housing and impeller. Full frame protection and anti-vibration mounts are also used to reduce wear and tear to the motor.

• Construction Pumps- These pumps are mostly used by construction and rental business for applications and jobs that contain high volumes of trash water and can handle more viscous liquids or liquids containing solid materials.

• Submersible Pumps- The submersible line of Honda pumps use a quality, rust and corrosion resistant stainless-steel casing. All models are lightweight and feature a float switch the provides the ease of automatic starting.

Let Bozeman Figure Out the Model That Best Suits Your Needs With Bozeman Distributors selling technology manufactured by one of the world’s leading motor companies, we have the Honda pump that will meet your requirements.

Whether it’s flood prevention or control, construction jobs, or irrigation, the customer service we provide and the reliability and reputation of Honda motors combine to create a great customer experience while providing some of the most innovative long-lasting pumps on the market.