A day of tailgating is filled with food, fun, conversation, memories, and of course football. As an expert tailgater your spread has likely evolved beyond a grill, a radio, and a few chairs to include fans, televisions, satellite receivers, and many other creature comforts that make game days in Baton Rouge the premier tailgating experience it is.

When it comes to powering your tailgate, nothing handles the job like a Honda Generator.

Honda generators eliminate the loud roar of traditional generators, and do so without compromising performance. Honda’s Eco-Throttle allows the generator to only provide the amount of power necessary at any given time, meaning it doesn’t constantly run at full speed, thus, saving fuel. Honda also uses special materials that are designed to dampen sound. Honda generators can be as quiet as 50 decibels; for reference, normal speaking volume is 60 decibels. While there are games to watch, balls to toss, and burgers to flip, the last thing you need to do is refuel your generator. Using 100% non-ethanol fuel in your Honda generator not only protects against moisture in the fuel system, it also provides more powerful engine performance. Honda’s inverter generators are known for their fuel efficiency, as the Eco-Throttle creates only enough power for what is being used, fuel consumption can be reduced by up to 40%. You can also include an extended run fuel system which allows your generator to run much longer before refueling.

With performance, comfort, safety, and efficiency, as well as a lightweight design, Honda helps you provide the energy you’ll need all season.

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