A tailgate party is an experience. Actually it’s an experience before the experience, and in south Louisiana this has been perfected outside of every high school, collegiate, and professional stadium across the state. Gone are the days of setting down an ice chest, setting up a grill, and calling it a day. Today, tailgates are state-of-the-art entertainment centers with TVs, satellite dishes, fans, lights, and better food than any restaurant around. However, while these amenities offer more luxury on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday afternoons, they also require more power. So before football season kicks off this year, make sure you’re prepared with the right kind of power that won’t drown out the conversation, or drain your wallet at the pump.

The size of generator you need will depend on the size of your tailgate, as well as the different items that require electricity. Here’s a quick reference guide for how much energy your typical equipment will need (starting / running):

  • Television: 120w / 120w
  • Cable Box / Satellite Receiver: 35w /35w
  • Fan: 120w / 40w
  • Stereo: 450w / 450w
  • Blender: 850w / 400w
  • Coffee Maker: 600w /600w

It’s important to note that you should consider the starting wattage when calculating the amount of power that you will need.
Now that you have an idea about size, here are some features your generator should have that will make your tailgate easier and better than ever before.

Parallel Capability in Honda Generators

Parallel capability offers the opportunity to pair two smaller generators to create the same output as a much larger generator. This gives you the ability to use the smaller, easier to transport models without sacrificing performance.

Noise Control in Honda Generators

Generators have long been noisy and annoying. They drown out conversations and they can make your tailgate an uncomfortable place to hang out. This is why Honda uses noise dampening materials along with throttle control technology that makes the noise output range between 53 and 59 decibels, the same level as a normal conversation.

Fuel Efficiency in Honda Generators

Tailgates typically make for long days, so that last thing you want to do is make constant trips back and forth to refuel. This is why Honda generators allow you to keep the party running smoothly all day long. With Eco-Throttle, the generator’s engine automatically adjusts its speed to provide only the necessary amount of power. Lower RPMs mean less noise and much less fuel consumption. Honda’s Eco-Throttle reduces fuel use by up to 40%.

The state-of-the-art craftsmanship and dependability that you’ve come to expect from Honda provides all of these benefits and more. When it comes to your tailgate this year, or if you’re just looking for a standby power source, the line of Honda Generators can’t be beat. For over 50 years the experts at Bozeman have helping the Baton Rouge community with all of their Honda equipment needs.