Winter is coming, and whether you’re ready or not, your lawn equipment needs to be. Worrying about whether your mower will be ready when spring rolls back shouldn’t need to be a concern. This is why Bozeman Distributors offer a full line of service options to keep your equipment ready and running during seasonal changes. Here are some helpful tips for storing your mower over a long period.

Prepping Your Mower for Winter Storage

When winter comes around, the growing season comes to an end so that you won’t be mowing the lawn as often or at all. The first step to making sure your mower will start with ease when you need it again, is to remove the gasoline from the engine. Gas that sits over an extended time will gum up the fuel system. The best thing to do is syphon the fuel out and run your mower until there is no gas left in the lines. This is also a good time to disconnect the spark plug.

Sharpening the Blade, Draining Oil, and Replacing Filters

Once the gasoline is removed, you can flip your mower over and remove the blade. This makes draining the oil easier. This also allows you to sharpen the blade, making it fresh for your next mowing season. You can also clean the undercarriage with a putty knife to scrape off the mud and grass, once the oil is drained. Lastly, most mowers have paper filters. Replace these to help your engine run efficiently.

Storing Your Mower

Store your mower in a place where moisture won’t affect it, like in your garage or shed. If you will be storing it on a concrete floor, put plastic underneath to prevent rusting the deck. Never store next to a furnace or water heater.

Spring will be here soon, and you’ll be glad you took the time to make sure your mower is ready. Remember to add new gasoline and oil to your mower. Whether you are due for a new mower, or simply a tune-up or repair, the experts at Bozeman Distributors are here to help.