Fall is finally here and with it comes football, cooler weather, and even a few different lawn care techniques. For your yard to be bright, healthy, and ready for spring, it needs to be prepared during the fall to make it through winter. Here are five helpful tasks that will help to ensure your lawn is ready for the changing seasons.

Rake and Remove Leaves in Your Yard

As leaves begin to fall from the trees in your yard, you’ll want to rake them up and remove them before too long. Not only do they block the sunlight from reaching your grass, but they also trap moisture. This combination is not good for the turf underneath. It’s also important to keep an eye on the corners of your yard, this where windswept leaves will collect.

Mow the Grass to the Correct Height

In south Louisiana, we continue to need to mow into the Autumn months. So it’s essential to keep your yard at the appropriate height. 2 ½ to 3 inches is the ideal length for your yard. Cutting it too short can damage the root system. The root depth is proportional to the cutting height, so when this is curtailed, it can hinder the grass’ ability to mitigate the cold and dryness of winter.

Loosen the Soil in Your Yard

This is an excellent time of the year to aerate your lawn. Aeration prevents the soil under your yard from becoming compacted and covered with thatch. Thatch is thick layers of stems, roots, and other debris that blocks nutrients and oxygen from reaching the soil.

Fertilize Your Lawn

Fertilizing your lawn after aeration is also a good plan. The holes created by this process allow the fertilizer to reach the roots of your yard directly. Fertilizing in the fall gives the grass an extra boost to withstand the winter conditions and be healthy in the spring.

Reseed Your Lawn

Seeding and overseeding in the fall creates a thick turf that will help to prevent weeds. This process will also fill in any bare spots. Because the ground is still warm from summer, and the nights are cool, Autumn is the ideal time to add seed to your lawn.

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