Football season is back. While the Tigers, Jags, and high schools all over will be putting the pigskin in the air, parking lots will be filling up with tailgaters. In addition to burgers, jambalaya, ice chests, and lawn chairs, no tailgate is complete without a generator to power all of the outdoor comforts of the modern tailgate. TVs, satellites, game systems, fans, and cooking appliances are all staples underneath the canopies and outside of the RVs that surround the gridirons of south Louisiana. Enjoying the conveniences that a generator provides used to mean compromising comfort with loud noise and constant refueling, but that is not the case today with Honda’s premier line of generators. Here are four ways that Honda can enhance your tailgate this season.

Quiet Operation Generators

There are a variety of features that Honda’s inverter generators have that reduce the amount of noise they create. From its Eco-Throttle that limits the amount of power it uses based on what is running, to the sound dampening materials that the generator is built from, Honda boasts the quietest operation on the market.

Fuel-Efficient Generators

The Eco-Throttle mentioned above adjusts the engine speed to create only the power necessary for the current applications. This ability to reduce the RPMs makes for a much more fuel-efficient generator, meaning less fuel and fewer interruptions. Fuel consumption can be reduced by up to 40%, and emissions are minimal.

Easy to Transport Generators

Honda generators are lighter and smaller than most generators. This makes them especially easy to transport, handle, and store. Its weight and ergonomic features make it comfortable and convenient when moving between your tailgate location and home and back again.

Parallel Capable Generators

Depending on the size and scope of your tailgate setup, one generator may not be enough. This does not mean you have to sacrifice all of the comfort and superior features of a smaller Honda generator for a larger alternative. Honda’s generators feature parallel capability. Parallel capability means that the Honda EU1000i, EU2000i, EU3000 Handi, and EU3000is can be paired with identically sized units, doubling their capacity. This allows you to use two smaller generators to do the work of a much larger one, without giving up comfort and portability.

This football season bring your tailgate to the next level. The experts at Bozeman Distributors are here for all of your generator needs. Bozeman is a Honda Premier Dealer and offers the full line of Honda generators.